If you are interested in becoming part of the world’s premier mariachis, call us at 626-279-1700 !!

Sol de México® and Reyna de Los Angeles® both provide an exceptional opportunity for new talent to join their respective ensembles.

At present, requests for auditions are currently accepted for violin musicians with Reyna de Los Angeles®. We are also accepting requests for auditions for other potential mariachi vacancies.

The best candidates must meet standards of high caliber musicianship capable of reading sheet music as well as performing with creative freedom.

To submit a preliminary audition packet, please send us the following information:

* Your Name
* Your current picture
* Address
* Telephone number
* Fax number—if applicable
* Email—if applicable
* Instrument(s) mastered

* Send us a cassette tape of a sample mariachi audio portfolio
* Let us know when you may be visiting our offices to audition

Please send your initial packet to:
Hernàndez Productions, Inc.
1648 Tyler Avenue #A
South El Monte, Ca. 91733