Sol de Mexico In Action

Mariachi Sol de Mexico® de Jóse Hernàndez long to give from their very force of life. With passionate zeal, they move their audiences with eloquence and power. It is often said the listening ear and heart will be embellished with the graceful, poetic sensation and cultural richness voiced by Sol de Mexico®.

Jóse Hernàndez hopes your targeted community will fully enjoy the opportunity to be thrilled by your vision of a stirring, lively mariachi performance. Sol de Mexico® is confident your audience will embrace their melodic articulation of mariachi.

Select the performance style suited for your identified populace. We will be pleased to assist you for an optimum alternative. We believe confidence in your audience will prompt a collaborative partnership with Sol de Mexico®—a privilege we will cherish.

Performance Formats

The Passion of Mariachi The Passion of Mariachi:
This performance design is a tribute to the passionate history of mariachi music and it’s composers—Jóse Alfredo Jimenez, Agustin Lara, and Tomas Mendez, to name a few. Your select attendants will enjoy this spectacular performance by the Nation’s Premier Mariachi Sol de Mexico® and the colorful ballet Folklorico.